What is expected of Tutors?

  • We expect our tutors to make educating the students their number one priority, just like you would any other commitment.  Families, schools and students come to our tutors for educational achievement.  We expect that this role is to be taken seriously and that you act professional, trustworthy, reliable and responsible at all times.
  • Communication is very important and it will be maintained throughout this program, with the students, parents, districts and SEEC.

What should I expect from SEEC staff?

  • Staff is available to you from 8am – 8pm and will provide support to tutors and the families.  If you ever have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed, we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.

Will I need to provide my own materials and lesson plan?

  • Tutors will always be provided with materials for each student throughout the program.  The tutor is however, responsible for bringing the material to and from sessions.  Planning may be required for all assignments.

 Will I receive any training?

  • There is information on our website that can assist you in getting ready for the program.  In addition, we do provide training throughout the entire program.  Those dates are subject to change and you will be notified in advance of this training via email. Training will be provided via conference calls, face-to-face and on-site.

 What should I do if my availability or contact information changes.

  •  If at any time your status or information changes, please notify the office personnel as soon as possible.  If it is just a contact update, you may leave a message.  If you suddenly become unavailable as a tutor, please speak with someone in the office and give us enough advanced notice so that we may fill your vacancy.

 How long do I work with the students?  How many students will I be tutoring?

  • Each student must receive at least 20 hours of tutoring, with an additional 1 hour for pre and 1 hr post testing.  Depending on the allocations and amount of students being serviced, some students will receive more hours.
  • Teacher-student ratio will vary, but will not exceed 1:8.

 Where will we be tutoring?

  • For convenience, our first choice is to provide tutoring within the school, immediately after school.  If that is unavailable, we will be holding sessions in libraries, churches and community buildings.  The destination will be predetermined before you begin the program.

 When are progress reports due?

  • The first Progress Report is due after the first 6 hours of instructional learning.  You will then turn a Progress Report in at the end of every month, detailing the progress and activities conducted with the students.  Attendance Rosters are also due at the end of every month and must be signed by the tutor, parent and student. (Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated)

 If I am tutoring a group of students after school, can I leave immediately after the session is over?

  • Students are never to be left unsupervised while waiting for transportation.  If you are the only one supervising them, it is your responsibility to remain with them until their transportation has arrived.

 How will I get paid?

  • The Silver Eagle Educational Consulting, LLC uses Direct Deposit as its primary and only means of payroll.  If you have not already submitted your bank information, please do so before the program begins to ensure timely payments.

 When will I get paid?

  • Tutors of SEEC are on the 15th of each month and last day of each month.  Please view the payroll schedule under the “Forms” tab if you have questions regarding your pay period and pay date.  You may download the pay schedule for your convenience.

 When I fill out an application, what are the requirements to become a tutor?

  • At SEEC, we are dedicated to the education and improvement of student learning.  Tutors are required to have a college degree or at least 60 hours of college credits.  Tutors also need to provide a copy of their driver’s license, social security card, college degree/transcripts and a SLED background check.  The SLED can be accessed at www.sled.sc.gov.

 What is your Privacy Policy?

  •  We recognize that privacy is very important to our clients.  Please be assured that any information that you submit to us will be held in the strictest of confidence.  We do not sell or otherwise release any information regarding out clients to any third party

What programs, grade levels and subject areas, are available for your child?

  • SES Program:  K-12; Reading & Math

How many sessions a week are you able to offer services?

  • We offer services Monday – Saturday

Does my child have his/her own individual program?

  •  Each child will receive their own Student Learning Plan.

What program(s) are offered?

  •  Reading and Math

What happens if we miss a session? Can it be made up?

  •  Yes

Will my child’s teacher(s) be involved?

  • Yes. We involve the teachers, the district personnel, and the state department of education.

Who is eligible for supplemental educational services?

  • Students identified in Title 1 Schools (Priority and Focus Schools)

Who will provide services?

  • The state was required by federal law, to issue a request for proposals at which time interested parties could apply to be a state-approved provider. The state reviewed all applications, selected those that best met the application requirements, and developed a state-approved list of providers that was shared with districts. The list of approved providers for your district is included in this mailing. Based on the state’s list of approved providers for the area, parents decide which provider will provide the services.

If my child is approved to receive supplemental educational services, is there any chance the services will be provided by a provider other than my first choice?

  • Yes, providers stated the maximum number of students they could serve. This is the reason all parents are asked to provide their first, second, and third choices of provider. Your first choice will be honored to the extent possible. However if the requests for a certain provider are greater than the total number of students the provider can serve, your child may be served by a provider indicated as your second or third choice.

How will I know how the provider will meet the instructional needs of my child?

  • Parental involvement is extremely important.  If your child is selected to be served, providers will contact you for information in writing the student learning plan, to complete a contract or agreement for services, to sign the contract/agreement. The provider will also discuss with you your child’s needs, the goals to be met, how the child will be served, when reports will be sent to you about your child’s progress, and so forth. Your input and signature on this contract is important. The district will not be able to pay the provider which means your child will not be able to receive services.