Join our Staff

We are constantly working to strengthen our educational team so as to provide our students with the best possible environment and support to exceed their education goals. If you are interested in joining our staff please review the required qualifications and contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!


Qualifications of Staff:

1. All instructors must be able to demonstrate proficiency before being placed with a student.

2. All instructors must demonstrate knowledge of the provider’s education program/model.

3. Each Instructor/Tutor must possess one of the following:
a. Doctoral Degree
b. Master’s Degree
c. Bachelor’s Degree
d. Associate’s Degree
e. 60 Credit Hours of College Credit <

4. Each Instructor/Tutor must also:
a. Successfully pass a SLED background check.
b. Be dedicated and understand the importance of serving students.
c. Understand how students develop and learn.
d. Use a variety of diverse instructional strategies.
e. Have a clear understanding of Assessments.