Our Services

The Silver Eagle Educational Consulting, LLC offers a variety of services in a variety of different fields from K-12 to Higher Education, Business Administration, Business Organization, and Dissertation Consulting.   

  1. K-12 – includes a tutorial program, Special Education Advocacy, and Adult Education.  Other specialties such as Business Administration…. And Business Organization includes:
  2. K-12 to Higher Education
  3. K-12 Tutoring

We do much, much more than improve your child’s grades. We actually change their lives. With our diagnostic testing abilities, we strive to diagnose what is happening with your child. This in turn changes their future. We also design a program specifically tailored to fit your child’s needs. We hire only certified, highly qualified instructors. Our instructors strive to change your child’s critical thinking process. While challenging your child to think critically, he or she is being disciplined to take the initiative to complete all homework and class work assignments, pull together great projects, and carry out detailed assignments with ease.

Upon enrollment, each student is evaluated academically using Diagnostic Tests to achieve a ‘tailor-made’ program for each student.

Testing is used to pinpoint learning deficiencies and measures student’s skills and abilities in Math, English, Reading, and Spelling. Tests will be graded and evaluated. The students will receive an individualized educational plan according to their performance/deficiencies in each subject
Tutoring Subjects:

Reading/Language Arts



We also focus on the following:

  1. Study Skills
  2. Organizational Skills
  3. Time Management
  4. How to get along with Bullies and much much more…

Special Education Consulting

  1. How to Effectively Deal with the School Systems
  2. Help Understanding IEPs
  3. Understanding IDEA
  4. Need Help Reading Your Child’s Psychological
  5. Need Assistance With a 504 Plan

Adult Education

  1. Pursuing a GED
  2. Basic Tutoring  Reading and Math)
    Computer 101
  3. HR/Talent Acquisition & Management Consultant